Across the world, adaptive vehicles and micro-mobility are changing the way people move throughout their communities. We know the path forward for sustainability is not a car-centric culture. It is a multimodal ecosystem that offers ecological and more diverse options to travel daily.

This vision will only succeed if it includes everyone, and not just those who are able to ride, walk or use scooters. That’s why we’re thrilled to introduce Helbiz latest adaptive vehicles. As part of our offer to Charlotte, NC – one of the markets we recently jumped in – we decided to do something new in the city. In fact, it will actually be one of the first to see two new and unique devices that can expand the use of micro-mobility to people who previously weren’t able to participate.

Adapting our vehicles to wheelchairs

The first technology we introduced is the wheelchair attachment. Installed by a member of our team, it can connect to most wheelchairs, turning them from manual into motorised. Able to achieve a speed of 12 MPH, this device can transform a once exhausting trip into an enjoyable journey. This way wheelchair users will be able to move freely and focus on their friends and family. 

The sit-down three-wheeled adaptive scooter

Operated much like our stand-up scooter, these adaptive vehicles allow those who may not want or be able to ride a stand-up scooter to participate in micro-mobility. Whether it’s a trip around a public park or a shopping round with family, these devices will greatly expand opportunities for a significant and underrepresented part of Charlotte’s citizens.

Pioneers of change

These adaptive vehicles are one of the first of their kind in the industry; Helbiz is glad to be a leader in pushing forward what micro-mobility means and who it can serve. We will launch them in Charlotte and roll them out to new markets as soon as they’ll be available. Last but not least, they are all free to use and can be reserved by contacting support.


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