Welcome to a new episode of Behind the Wheels, the blog series where we highlight the hard work of our operations team, featuring a new team member each month.

At Helbiz, our operations teams are the backbone of the work we do in all of our partner cities. Where we operate, we hire local drivers, mechanics, engineers, and fleet managers. They maintain our vehicles, distribute them throughout cities, and respond in real time to rider concerns. It’s the operations team that brings our rideshare service to life!

Through the streets of Jacksonville with David R.

Role: Field Technician

Market: Jacksonville, FL

Fun Fact: David loves comics! He has 7 full-sized boxes of comics at home.

This month we’re talking to David R., a Field Technician in Jacksonville, USA.

David’s job is to service scooters throughout Jacksonville. David and his teammates work hard to make sure scooters are available to meet demand and that they operate at peak performance so that riders can travel as they want. Prior to joining Helbiz, David was already part of the micro-mobility world. In 2019, David had just moved to Miami, and there he gained his first experience working in micro-mobility. 

Thanks to the skills and strategies he developed, he moved to Jacksonville in 2021, and eventually found himself on the Helbiz team, assisting in the operation there, which had launched the year prior.

What is a typical day like in Jacksonville?

“Well, pretty great! In the morning I come in and load our van with batteries and scooters that need to be distributed throughout the city. I’ve got my usual route. I service and redistribute scooters along the way to make sure they don’t pile up and keep them available for riders in different areas of Jacksonville.

Our city is corral-based, so I go from corral to corral making sure all of our scooters are working properly, lined up neatly, and have fresh batteries. Once people start riding scooters, I start rebalancing. This keeps public spaces both organized and accessible to all.”

What do you like most about your job?

“Surely the fact that I can work independently. My job at Helbiz is different from opportunities with other shared mobility providers. In fact, it gives me the freedom to do my job the way I like: I show up and I work; I’m consistent, day-in and day-out!”

What are your favorite places to take Helbiz scooters?

I love riding along the riverwalk and taking in the views of Jacksonville’s bridges. After all, Jacksonville has more shoreline than any city in the nation. In particular, there’s a river walk path right near the St. Johns River that I love. In addition to sightseeing, I think e-scooters are an everyday solution for going anywhere around the city, especially on the weekends. Personally, I’ve been doing it for three years now. My ultimate favorite place is the Sport Complex area. I really love this city, even during the offseason, there’s always something to do here.”


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