Wherever Helbiz is, there’s also our Operations team bringing our service to life, with passion and efficiency

Drivers, mechanics, engineers, fleet managers… Every day, they travel their city, maintaining vehicles, distributing them throughout each district and responding in real-time to all of our riders’ concerns. In this new blog series – Behind The Wheels – we will take you on a journey inside our Operations team, meeting a new member each month. We hope you will follow along to learn more about the behind-the-scenes work needed to provide micro-mobility options for our cities.

Behind the scenes of our Ops team with Leo

Name: Leo S.

Role: Operations Lead

Market: Washington D.C.

Fun Fact: Leo lived in Sicily, Italy for four years as a teenager.

Leo’s story begins a couple of years ago. Before joining us, Leo worked with Skip until Helbiz acquired the company in 2020 and has since grown within our Washington D.C. team. Now he manages both our morning and afternoon operations crews to provide round-the-clock service to D.C. riders.

What is a typical day like at Helbiz?

Every day is different! When I first get to work I usually check the vans for anything out of order and make sure scooters are fully charged. I particularly enjoy busy days more, because that’s when you understand our mission is crucial. In March, we had one of the busiest days of 2022 so far. The team worked hard to ensure vehicles were promptly moved and batteries swapped so that folks could travel and explore easily and without impacting on our environment.”

What is it like to be part of the Helbiz team?

“It’s like a community. Since Helbiz launched operations in D.C., the team has become more unified: that’s one of the better parts of working in-house with other DMV natives. I’m glad for how we actually bonded as a team, even during difficult moments.” – Says Leo, noticing how important it is to socialize after the pandemic changed the way people act and get together with each other.

What are your favorite spots to take Helbiz scooters?

“As a native to the area, for me the best views are from the Rock Creek Trail, where I used to ride my bike and go fishing as a kid. Although, in general, I recommend taking scooters while visiting the monuments of the city center, which only require short trips to get between each.”

That’s right Leo! Washington’s viability is ideal for our e-scooters. In fact, thanks to its over 160 miles of bike lanes and trails, in 2018, the League of American Bicyclists awarded The District with a “gold” ranking as a bike-friendly community. This makes it the perfect city for Helbiz and for people like Leo, who are looking for a sustainable, innovative and fun way to connect with their city, friends and interests.


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