Helbiz will be the only e-scooter sharing service to operate in Cervia this summer, after having won a 3-year long licence.

Micro-mobility goes to Cervia

300 new vehicles from the latest generation are now available in the Emilia Romagna’s city.

With more than 40km of bike lanes, Cervia is a popular destination during the summer season. This and its flat roads make it an ideal place for a ride with our electric scooters while enjoying the sea breeze.
The service will be active throughout the entire summer, until the end of September, and is accessible with the Helbiz App at €0,19 per minute + €0,50 to unlock.

Helbiz e-scooters

Equipped with front and rear turn indicators that increase the rider’s safety on board the half, our e-scooters feature a long-lasting battery, built-in cell phone holder, and special led lights, placed under the platform, which indicate the state of charge of the battery: this makes not only the scooter more visible, but it lets the user know the level of the charge at a glance. The stronger fender and double brake make Helbiz e-scooters safer, while the front shock absorbers give greater driving comfort on all types of flooring roads. They are also equipped with a new generation IOT system, for greater GPS accuracy, which will help avoid irresponsible parking or parking in prohibited zones.

Responsible parking

Like in the rest of Italy, our new Incentivized Parking initiative is active also in Cervia City. In fact, to improve the viability and avoid irresponsible parking, all our users will get a 20% discount on their rides, whenever they decide to park in the dedicated areas, indicated on the map.


Responsible Parking: introducing incentivized parking areas 


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