Aren’t Winter holidays all about sharing moments of joy and happiness with our beloved ones? That’s why we have strongly supported the most anticipated and magical initiative of the moment: the Helbiz Kitchen 2×1 Christmas Edition! Are you ready to discover it?

A picture of a hand weighting one of Helbiz Kitchen's free mini-panettoni, from Pasticceria Angela

Helbiz Kitchen 2×1 Christmas Edition: a dedicated section on the Helbiz app

Now available on our app, until January 10, the Christmas Edition section. Five dishes, from our five kitchens, dedicated to the most cherished event for us all. Five dishes that were born from the freshness of seasonal ingredients, to give life to new taste experiences
We have dedicated to our customers a fantastic promotion #Christmas2share which makes it even more enjoyable to share Christmas with the people you love! By choosing among these five dishes the one you prefer, you will be able to receive a free dish and to experience unforgettable moments of taste. Let’s discover together the five dishes proposed by our kitchens. 

Winter Salad – What The Farm

It’s good for your health and is recommended by all nutritionists. And it plays a key role in the Christmas menu too, every tradition has its own recipe! What are we talking about? Salad, of course!

We have created the ultimate salad recipe, with the unique colors and shades of Christmas. Ranging from pomegranate red to apple green to golden orange: a play of colors for an unrepeatable blend of flavors

Our Winter Salad, designed and created by What The Farm‘s chefs, begins with the careful selection of ingredients coming exclusively from sustainable agriculture. A journey to rediscover nature’s savors through a culinary route for your taste buds: starting with Mix Piccante salad by “Planet Farms”, and a delicious smoked salmon served with orange wedges, fennel and green apple, cherry tomatoes, and pomegranate, finishing with a delicious reduction of balsamic vinegar and honey.

What The Farm's Winter Salad

Magic Poke – Pokaii

A recipe that comes to light through the sensational combination of natural and precious ingredients, for an experience to discover different tastes and flavors that go perfectly together.

Our poke bowl is the ultimate harmony mix: white rice, Mix Orientale salad by “Planet Farms”, crispy marinated chicken breast, white cabbage, avocado, cherry tomatoes, grilled zucchini, toasted sesame seeds. Topped with delicious Nduja flavored mayonnaise and Teriyaki Sauce. As you can tell from the ingredients, our poke bowl is a unique combination of multiple culinary traditions and multiple flavors that blend with extreme harmony and balance.

A picture of the Magic Poke, Pokaii's Christmas Edition dish

White Christmas – Pomodo’ro

Tradition joins innovation for a reinterpretation of the memorable Escarole Pizza. For those who are not familiar with it, Escarole Pizza was and still is one of the most characteristic Neapolitan dishes of Christmas Eve.

History goes that this dish was prepared to face in the best way the long Christmas banquet. And it couldn’t be missing in anyone’s house because it was a must in Christmas cuisine. 

And that is why our Pomodo’ro kitchen has created a reinterpretation that features smoked Provola cheese, stewed endive escarole, Taggiasca olives, anchovies, and pine nuts. For that touch of flavor that takes you back in time for a dish that is always current. At the very first bite, notes of taste and crunchiness will evoke memories of the best moments spent with our families. Because Christmas is just that: a blend of emotions and sharing of what has been and what will be.

An image of a White Christmas pizza, the ultimate creation by Pomodo'ro

Alpine Burger – Burger&Son’s

Our taste experience to discover traditional flavors goes on. And could we ever miss a proposal that discovers the most characteristic flavors from the heart of the Alps? Of course not!

Burger&Son’s Chefs has selected the best 100% Italian meat from the Antichi Sapori Zuanon farms, a true guarantee of quality and freshness! For the finest Christmas recipe, we have decided to combine the fantastic sausage burger (200g) with a delicious mushroom cream, accompanied by baby spinach and Taleggio Cheese. To give that unique hint of flavor comes the black truffle-flavored mayonnaise.

Frosty Nest – Wabisabi’s

Sushi is a true modern-day passion, more than ever at Christmas. Just in Milan, in October, was hosted the second edition of the Milano Sushi Festival: an event for lovers of oriental flavors characterized by pairings and combinations that blend traditional ingredients with the most refined ones. 

For this very reason, our Wabisabi kitchen has decided to propose for the Christmas Edition a fantastic novelty that combines creativity, tradition, and art. Just that typical art of sushi that makes us live and share unforgettable moments. 

Our proposal includes six pieces, each with its own nuance of taste, each as a piece of a puzzle that leads to a fantastic result. We therefore have: 

● nori seaweed

● rice

● kataifi

● avocado

● spicy salmon tartare

● teriyaki sauce.

The Frosty Nest, Wabisabi's proposal to celebrate Christmas with taste

Live festive season at its best

Now that you know all the dishes on our Christmas menu, you just have to choose the one you prefer. Once selected, you will get the second course for free: two for the price of one for a fantastic Christmas. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to share with your beloved ones the ultimate cooking experience and to taste the delicious artisan Panettone from Pasticceria Angela that we will give you as our heartfelt gift with every order. 

What are you waiting for? Experience Christmas with our 2×1 offer!


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