Our world, our planet, our job to protect it! Over the past decade, our lifestyles have changed dramatically and our planet is now paying the consequences of our negative actions. We know that there’s not a lot of time for us to change, and we want to make sure our planet can be a better and a more liveable place also for future generations. Earth Day is a day in which we hope to help raise awareness of the emergent threats to our environment. We believe that by making a difference in our own communities, we can educate our audience on the changes they can make in their lives to try to ensure the healthy lifespan of our planet

This year our teams gathered in the US and in Italy to push forward the mission of Earth Day through two different activities. On one side, our US team partnered with Miami FC to clean up one of the beaches of the city. In the meantime, our Italian team in Milan interviewed Aworld’s CEO Alex Armillotta to get a better understanding of how they are impacting the planet.
After concluding these activities, we were able to share them with our audience and show how even their small actions can make a huge difference. 

Helbiz employee picking up trash on the beach in Miami

Miami: we are all in the same team

Our oceans make up 99% of the planet’s living space and the marine life occupying the oceans produce about 50-80% of the oxygen we breathe. The health of our planet and those who occupy it – humans and animals alike – are at risk with the amount of litter entering our oceans on a daily basis. The Miami office alongside the Miami FC, gathered together at the beginning of this week to pick up the litter spread out across the beautiful beaches of Miami.

Patricia Cabrera, the Head of Marketing, said: “seeing people’s litter breaks my heart but then are moments like these, when people come together to take care of our planet, that give me renewed faith in our ability to make a difference.” 

“Working” for the planet in Milan

In Milan’s office we measured how actions in our daily lives are affecting the planet on a larger scale. We did it thanks to Aworld, an app linked to the UN “ActNow” program whose goal is to raise awareness of sustainable lifestyles through daily tips. The marketing team in Milan interviewed the CEO of Aworld, Alex Armillotta, to get an insider insight on how the platform works and how the daily routines of the team in Milan are impacting the environment. Together we found out that in 2021, the team saved 8.8 tons of CO2 by riding an electric vehicle to come and go from the office.

Helbiz employee riding e-scooter in Milan

Andrea D’Ercole said “As Marketing Manager of the Mobility unit, it is important for me to make my colleagues aware of the use of our shared vehicles, because we must be the first to promote it. A company represents a small community and, as shown by the figure for CO2 saved by Helbiz employees in 2021, the impact that the individual can have is very important and the sum of individual actions is even more so.” 

Sometimes it might not seem like you are making a big difference by riding your car for one less day in the week or by using a different means of transportation for your small trips. But after working with Aworld and looking at the impact made by our team in detail, it is very glaring to see how even these small steps are actually crucial to protect our planet.

How can you help?

From Milan to Miami, during Earth Day we saw that our daily actions are what will change the planet for better or for worse. Recycling, taking a shareable vehicle to your next destination, reducing waste, always pick up litter, and educate yourself as well as your community is how you can help us be better as a collective!


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