Have you ever witnessed the birth of a new sport? Well, usually, together with the wonder and the excitement, new initiatives usually stimulate questions about their rules and structure. In this article, we will highlight all the features of the eSkootr Championship (eSC) and answer to all the curiosities that are growing around this unique and innovative discipline. 

The eSC is a completely new motorsport category. In fact, it’s the first time in history where riders from various countries, athletic disciplines and genders race against one another, competing for glory and at the same time for a more inclusive and sustainable world.

Riders and vehicles

The Championship is composed of 10 Teams featuring 30 professional athletes (x3 per Team) who will be competing in 6 cities, across 5 continents, in order to become the first ever eSkootr Champion. 

eSC’s main focus is safety. The tournament is structured and executed according to regulations that ensure that every event is safe, fairly executed, inclusive, fully sustainable, accessible and entertaining. This attention to safety is reflected through the vehicles, the S1-X produced by YCOM, starring in the competition. These can reach a top speed of over 100 km/h but have been created to be able to guarantee the best performance and the safest ride experience at all times during a race.

Furthermore, in order to include an element of strategy into each competition, each of the vehicles is equipped with a special boost button. Similarly to the power boosts available in other motorsport categories, each rider can use their personal boost to receive a speed burst in certain moments of a race. The boost button works with a time limit, usually of 175 seconds per event, decided accordingly to the kind of racetrack and event by the appointed eSC Race Director.

eSc rules: the structure 

eSC is composed of two separate competitions that run in parallel through-out the Championship: the eSkootr Riders’ Championship and the eSkootr Teams’ Championship. In both cases the title goes to whoever has the highest number of points collected by the end of the season. Here’s the structure of every stage of each competition, showing the number of riders pursuing the final.

eSC Rules: the standings

In all preliminary rounds, scoring is 6pts points for 1st place, 5pts for 2nd, 4pts for 3rd, 3pts for 4th, 2pts for 5th and 1pt for 6th place. During the final, scoring is 15 points for the winner, 12 for 2nd, 10pts for 3rd, 8pts for 4th, 6pts for 5th and 4pts for 6th place. 

In case of two riders tying, points will be shared equally. If two or more riders or teams finish the season with the same number of points, the higher place in the Championship (in either case) will go to the holder of the greatest number of first places. If the number of first places is the same, the holder of the greatest number of second places will be the champion, and so on.

Now that you know everything there is to know about eSC, there’s only one thing left for you to say… Where can I watch it? Well, on Helbiz Live of course!


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