A new App Release for all the Helbiz riders around the world is here! Following the recent introduction of the sidewalk-detection technology, we focused on improving the in-App experience and finding a way to a quicker onboarding process for new users.

A faster payment method

Our team continues to add to our wide range of payment methods available in the app and to expand the capabilities of the Helbiz Wallet. With the latest update, though, we wanted to improve the users’ experience at the very beginning of their adventure with Helbiz, so right after downloading the Helbiz app. In fact, we observed that having to set up a payment method before being able to start a ride could result in an inconvenience for the user. Well, now riders who are using our service for the first time have no reason to worry about it anymore.

In fact, if users have Google Pay or Apple Pay configured on their device, the Helbiz App is now able to select it as the default payment method for an instant ride start and a quicker onboarding process. 

This new facility is not only considerably saving our users’ time, but it also gives them the opportunity to start using our service with the help of their smartphones only, without having to reach for their wallets physically.

Updating map’s style

In addition to a quicker boarding process with new payment methods, this update also introduces a sleaker look to your city map. Instead of showing the clusters of white icons (with Helbiz logo) representing groups of vehicles, users will now be able to see each vehicle in their city individually represented by a smaller blue dot, allowing them to get a cleaner view of the map. Once the user zooms in to a certain scale, white circles with vehicle icons will pop up for each vehicle. This will provide them with a smoother navigation process and faster finding of the needed vehicle.

Well, that’s all for now, and what a great job by our Tech Team.

See you at the next update!


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