For the first time, Helbiz is part of the exhibitors at EICMA, one of the most important events for the two wheels’ world. On this occasion, we unveiled to the world the big novelties for the next year with three electric vehicles that will disrupt the micro-mobility industry: Helbiz One, Helbiz One S, and Helbiz S1-X.

Emanuele Liatti, our CPO, presenting our new products at EICMA 2021

Helbiz One, the first 100% made in Italy e-scooter

You may have already seen Helbiz One in Times Square for our Nasdaq listing celebration, but at EICMA you will have the opportunity to take a closer look at our first e-scooter for the retail market. As Emanuele Liatti, Helbiz’s Chief Product Officer, said, this e-scooter is exceptional within its industry: «This e-scooter represents a step forward in safety and technology».

In fact, Helbiz One is the first e-scooter for the retail market completely created, designed, and produced in Italy. With the deep and rich experience of Pininfarina‘s team, we have been able to promote a new way of traveling into the city of tomorrow. Thus, Helbiz One features different characteristics that make it unique.

First of all, it is light, though being equipped with a 500 watts dedicated motor. You can easily fold and unfold it with just one hand, and it is easier to move than a travel trolley. As for the riding experience, our product development team has been studying for a long time about how to make it sleek and comfortable: that’s why Helbiz One has a wider and longer deck, that gives more stability and safety to the rider.

Helbiz One is already on pre-order, at just 15$, completely refundable, and you can see it at our Pavillon at EICMA.

Helbiz’s first 2022 novelty at EICMA: Helbiz One-S

You may already know Helbiz One, but you may have never heard about our brand new shared e-scooter that will be available in every Helbiz city from 2022: Helbiz One-S. Basically, this e-scooter represents all Helbiz One is, but for sharing. What does the S stand for, though? It stands for Sharing, obviously. But the meaning of this S is much deeper and more layered.

A picture of Helbiz One-S, the first shared e-scooter 100% made in Italy

S stands for Safe, because Helbiz One-S features the most sophisticated technologies to provide all riders with the best riding experience possible. Equipped with the same features as Helbiz One, Helbiz One-S has a double camera that allows the vehicle’s system to check both the rider’s guide style and the obstacles present on the street.

S stands for Smart, because Helbiz One-S is geared up with the latest generation mobility technology. Our partnership with Drover AI, an American company focused on providing IoT solutions for micro-mobility fleets, allowed us to implement on our scooters the Pathpitol technology, an artificial intelligence system that can accurately identify sidewalks, streets, and bike lanes, making it easier to locate allowed parking spots.

Finally, S stands for Sustainable. With this new 100% electric e-scooter generation we aim to bring even more people to our idea of urban mobility.

Helbiz’s second 2022 novelty at EICMA: Helbiz S1-X

Helbiz S1-X's innovative foot deck

The eSkootr Championship, the world’s first electric scooter championship, is going to start in 2022, and we are going to take part in this fantastic adventure with a dedicated Helbiz Racing Team. Have you ever imagined an official urban race featuring electric scooters that can reach speed up to 100 km/h? We are happy to have joined our forces with those of eSC to make this possible.

Helbiz Racing Team will be represented at EICMA by the former Nascar and Formula 3 driver Gian Maria Gabbiani and Esc’s COO, Khalil Beshir. «This really is the start of an exciting new chapter in how we can build the most affordable and sustainable motorsport on the planet, and really make it work for everyone» said Lucas Di Grassi, eSkootr Championship Sustainability Ambassador. At our Pavillon you will have the opportunity to take a look at the Helbiz S1-X e-scooter that our riders will use in the championship: double motor, 12 kW strength, 45 degrees leaning angle. 

Helbiz S1-X is the first e-scooter purposely intended to race: fast, safe, sustainable, and designed by the best engineers in the motorsport industry, from Ycom and Williams Advanced Engineering. Thanks to eSkootr Championship, this scooter will further the reach of sustainable micro-mobility, bringing our ideas to the cities of the whole world with a dedicated championship.

Helbiz One S' innovative foot deck and rear suspension

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