We are thrilled to announce that Helbiz is expanding its micro-mobility services by bringing e-scooters to Charlotte, North Carolina. Available starting May 2022, Helbiz e-scooters can be rented in just a few taps with the Helbiz app. As a welcome to our new riders, Charlotte users can enjoy FREE unlocks for all e-scooters throughout the month of May.

Our Helbiz fleet: from e-scooters to adaptive vehicles

At Helbiz, we pride ourselves on being good partners with local governments and communities by prioritizing Helbiz safety and accessibility. Through software and hardware, we enforce no-ride zones, proper parking, speed limits, and ID verification.

With safety in mind, our newest scooter features a fish-eye camera under its handlebars, enabling its AI-powered, obstacle avoidance system. The scooter recognizes pedestrians, driveable areas, and road edges, slowing down on sidewalks and providing audio and in-app messages to riders alerting them to local regulations. The scooter’s vision systems and onboard computing make for the most accurate geofencing, which means safer rides for our users

The Queen City also marks the launch of our adaptive vehicles, which include a wheelchair attachment and a sit-down three-wheeled device. In the past, people with disabilities have been left out of the micro-mobility movement by traditional options. These devices will be free for riders to use and will expand the ability to comfortably move throughout their city to underserved communities. 

Meet the Helbiz team

Team Helbiz will also grow with a new team of local W-2 workers, who will ensure our fleet is well-maintained, charged, and damage-free. You can see them on the ground swapping out scooter batteries powered by 100% clean energy and reallocating scooters in areas where riders need them. If you’re interested in joining the Helbiz team, our career page is linked here.

If you’ve missed our first safety event on Thursday, April 28th, stay tuned to find out when the next event is. Riders will be able to meet the team, get a first look at the Helbiz adaptive vehicles, take a test ride, and learn how to safely operate an e-scooter.


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New features for all: Helbiz App release 3.3.5

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