How did we come up with the idea of creating the largest ghost kitchen in Europe?

It was 2020, and things were changing around us. Thus, we started to question ourselves about our mission as a company and we realized that we wanted to offer a new service, in a new space. That’s how we started to think about Helbiz Kitchen, our 100% sustainable food delivery service.

Our ghost kitchen: the perfect ingredients for a fantastic innovation 

We needed to bring the culture of sustainability into people’s homes: that was where we needed to go. But how could we continue to be smart, sustainable, and future-oriented?

Helbiz Kitchen was born to answer these questions, as a natural continuation of our commitment to change the world starting from small gestures and daily revolutions. So, we provided our users – in a single app, the same one from which you can rent our scooters – with the possibility to change how they eat at home, in a way that encourages a more sustainable world.

The Helbiz Kitchen App

But what is a Ghost Kitchen? 

“Ghost kitchen” may sound like a strange wording, but this term represents the future of the food industry. In a few words, a ghost kitchen is a type of restaurant that prepares dishes exclusively for food delivery. In this way, we can offer to our users the most complete food delivery experience possible, with 3 main advantages:

1. Fastest delivery on the market

2. The multi-order: the possibility to place a single order from multiple restaurants

3. A premium-quality food experience

Helbiz Kitchen's Butlers

A single order from multiple restaurants with Helbiz Kitchen 

Now, let’s dig deeper into our ghost kitchen trying to answer this question: how does multi-order work? 

Accessing the Helbiz app and select the Food icon to start the taste journey offered by the six kitchens of Helbiz Kitchen. A single order, a single transaction, a single delivery: we can choose everything we want and wish to taste from six different menus. Pizza, hamburger, salad, poke, sushi, ice cream: you can have them all thanks to a single order. 

What are the six restaurants in Helbiz Kitchen? 

The logo of Burger&Sons, one of Helbiz Kitchen restaurants

Burger & Sons brings an artisanal farm-to-table approach to the burger. Our meat is 100% Italian, and it is studied to get the perfect cooking.

The logo of Wabisabi, one of Helbiz Kitchen restaurants

The ultimate sushi experience? Lobster roll, salmon sashimi, dragon roll. But also tuna tartare, edamame, and goma. Wabisabi addresses the tradition of Japanese cuisine through the lens of a modern cooking style. And we have just one goal: to combine deliciousness with lightness. 

The logo of Pokaii, one of Helbiz Kitchen restaurants

At the bottom, rice. On top, the colors you want. Poke is an Hawaiian dish with a long tradition we try to respect. To prepare our bowls, we use only our seasonal ingredients. With chicken, tuna, or vegan: at Pokaii you can choose the taste you prefer.

The logo of Pomodo'ro, one of Helbiz Kitchen restaurants

Hand-made dough, left to rise for 48 hours, and extra-virgin olive oil. Each slice of Pomodo’ro‘s pizza is the outcome of time and accuracy.

The logo of What The Farm, one of Helbiz Kitchen restaurants

A salad full of taste. Rediscover the pleasure of seasonal vegetables with What The Farm: we only use fresh, sustainably grown and innovative ingredients.

The logo of Alberto Marchetti, one of Helbiz Kitchen restaurants

Alberto Marchetti grew up watching his father making ice-cream. Made with hand-picked raw ingredients, his gelato is simple and good. It’s sweet, fresh, and creamy, like that of his childhood spent immersed in the smell of ilk in his father’s workshop.

Respect for the environment: yes to sustainability 

What’s the link between Helbiz Mobility and Helbiz Kitchen? Respect for the environment. An idea of sustainability that becomes reality thanks to electric ovens, cold rooms, air filtering systems with UV lamps and preservation systems for consumption-controlled food. 

Helbiz Kitchen it’s zero waste, all packaging is made of recyclable paper with food-grade ink and the placemats and cutlery, supplied at the time of delivery, are made of Mater-Bi, also recyclable, without the presence of plastic. 

Helbiz Kitchen recyclable packaging

Fast, on time and elegant delivery 

Every step in our kitchen – from food selection to delivery – is managed internally by our staff, made of people who take care of each phase with the utmost attention and competence. Delivery is cured to the last detail as well. The dishes are delivered directly where you want without losing their original, unique and decisive flavor. Thanks to our fantastic Butlers, taht guarantee an exclusive and professional service, our dishes are delivered directly where you want without losing their original, unique and decisive flavor. And if you subscribe to Helbiz Unlimited, delivery will be free.

Why choose the food delivery of Helbiz’s Ghost Kitchen

Helbiz Kitchen is innovation, technology, freedom. It’s a revolutionary reality that brings into people’s lives a new way of eating.

Choose sustainability, choose taste and choose quality: starting today. 


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