With our innovative ghost kitchen, you now have the chance to enjoy an amazing taste journey directly at your place. Are you ready to find out how Helbiz Kitchen multi-order will change your food delivery experience?

A sustainable food delivery

It is said that food is the most important thing for real happiness. So that is for you to always experience new tasty emotions.

That’s why our ghost kitchen was created: realizing the desire for a new idea of sustainable and high-quality food delivery. 

The only Ghost Kitchen with multi-order option

Imagine the chance to choose different dishes from different restaurants in just one single order. Imagine the chance to share amazing recipes cooked by international chefs with people you love. Imagine all of this is real.

Everything is possible with us: you can satisfy the needs of all your friends with just one app. The greatest resource of our Ghost Kitchen is to answer people’s needs by multi-ordering. What does this mean? That you can choose any dish you want in just one order with one transaction. For the first time in the food industry, six important cuisines come together to offer a comprehensive menu that can satisfy any need and demand without doing multiple orders with different apps. 

The six cuisines from which you can get a multi-order with Helbiz Kitchen

Traditional food delivery simply builds a bridge between restaurants and interested customers; while our Ghost Kitchen gives birth to a real culinary ecosystem. It’s a system in which every step is treated in detail, from production, the selection of food providers to the delivery. You can order from each of the six cuisines at the same time and with one transaction by using the Helbiz app selecting the section Food

A slice of pizza from Pomodo'ro

Pomodo’ro | Pizza designed to be delivered

Tradition, passion and a 48-hour leaving are the ingredients that makes Pomodo’ro’s pizza unique. An experience to rediscover classical flavours, simple ingredients such as oil, salt and flour to give rise to an amazing result. The secret of Pomodo’ro’s pizza lies in the attention of chefs at each step of the preparation. Our 100% electric mopeds have thermal bags to save the crunchiness and tenderness of the pizza, like it’s right out of the oven.

Burger&Sons | The first farm-to-fork burger

The best meat comes straight from Antichi Sapori Zuanon farms in the Paduan hills, 100% Italian. Those who love hamburgers need to know that chefs use the smash technique, in which the meat is flattened onto the griddle to assure an even cooking. Bread is produced by our internal bakeries to always have freshness and high-quality products.

6 pieces os gunkan sushi from Wabisabi, available only on Helbiz Kitchen

Wabisabi | Japanese tradition and European creativity

In this kitchen, you can taste unique food pairing and amazing matching between Japanese traditional flavors and the creativity of European and Italian cuisine. Wabisabi’s chefs have years of experience in the best Japanese restaurants in Milan, and they are ready to show you their expertise with terrific dishes.

Pokaii | Freshness, colors, and taste

Chefs had fun trying upstream food combinations to find new taste solutions. Above all, our chefs tried to find a solution to meet the tastes of people, from the vegan poke to the meat and fish ones, with just one leitmotif: the taste and harmony of the ingredients. 

A picture of a salad from What The Farm, available only on Helbiz Kitchen

What the Farm | A salad filled with taste

What The Farm offers the best ingredients for the best salad coming from sustainable and innovative farming. We have gathered local producers – like Planet Farms – to rediscover the authentic seasonal tastes, bio products that share the values of our companies.

Alberto Marchetti | Delivered in Milan only by Helbiz Kitchen

After an amazing poke and an incredible sushi, we can finish our taste experience with a delicious dessert. Alberto Marchetti offers a unique product, fresh and genuine with his artisanal gelato. 

Alberto Marchetti's ice cream and whipped cream on a pink background

Why choose Helbiz Kitchen multi-order

You can finally order from different restaurants to experience more dishes at the same time, to satisfy any need of your guests. Just an app to have the best food at your doorstep! 


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