What an honor for the Helbiz Racing Team to be part of this incredible and awaited London e-Skootr Championship Post. An unbelievable atmosphere and an excellent organization made this first racing weekend simply impossible to forget.
The event took place in the famous Printworks London – a disused industrial site in the south of the city – which was transformed for the occasion into a brightening and hi-tech racing track. Thanks to this astonishing location, the debut of eSC made the public and participants feel like they were witnessing the future or, at least, the beginning of it.

An intense day of racing

This eSkootr Championship 2022 marks a new era for motorsports with an emphasis on sustainability, inclusivity and road safety. On the first day of the race, 30 riders competed on special S1-X e-scooters. These scooters are capable of reaching a  speed of 100km/h. The journey to the final began with a series of six heats. Riders who did not make it to the top 5 were eliminated after eight laps. Meanwhile, the top five progressed into the quarterfinals. Later that evening, the semi- finals and final race took place!

Helbiz Racing Team’s performance at the London Post

An exciting kick off of season for our three riders who raced on their Helbiz Racing S1-X e-scooters on the London track. Jordan Rand and Jamiel Guerchadi couldn’t make it to the quarterfinals. They both lost control of their vehicles to avoid danger and were unable to continue racing. On the other side, our front girl Sara Cabrini finished second, ahead of freestyle-scooter legend Dakota Schuetz and gained access to the following round. In the last moments of the semifinal, rider Luke Hedger crashed against Cabrini into Turn-2 on the final lap. This took Sara out of the final race.

Next appointment for the Helbiz Team

Swiss racer Matis Neyroud (PLYR:1) won the Final and became first eSC Champion. On the 27th of May, he will be competing at home at the next round in Sion, Switzerland alongside all the other riders. Our Helbiz Racing Team’s riders will be there, stronger than ever, to improve our current score. If you don’t want to miss the next appointment, make sure to stay tuned and follow Sion Post on Helbiz Live!


Helbiz Racing Team battles for eSkootr Championship


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