Ten teams, thirty riders, six cities. But only one winner… Here comes the eSkootr Championship (eSC), the world’s first electric scooter competition! The aim of this brand-new sport is to promote the culture of sustainable micro-mobility across the industry. In fact, motorsport has always been a pioneer of technological solutions and a potential accelerator for socially relevant innovations. That’s why, as a tech and mobility company, Helbiz is very proud to take part in this fully-fledged revolution with our own team: Helbiz Racing.

The Helbiz Racing Team

Riders, engineers, mechanics… We have gathered the most talented experts to coordinate the three pilots who form the Helbiz Racing Team. The team will be on the tracks for the first official race Saturday, May 14, in London!

Sara Cabrini, Racing number: 11

From the days spent watching Valentino Rossi with her dad to the ones racing with her first mini-moto. The Italian Sara Cabrini is our “wheel master.” With more than 10 years of piloting experience, she knows everything about motors. Therefore, she is definitely going to be our beacon on the race track.

Jamiel Guerchadi, Racing number: 33

Aka “The Yes Man,” Jamiel is a Swiss extreme-sports enthusiast. Parkour, scooter freestyle, cliff-jumping, snowboard, skate, rollers… is there anything he is afraid of? His attitude toward sports comes from his mom’s side and it’s thanks to her that Jam started to ride his first scooter, back when he was two years old. That’s why, in the case of a victory in eSC, our most fearless pilot said he will dedicate the win to his inspiring and incredible mother

Jordan Rand, Racing number: 23

The most polyhedric of the team. The American model Jordan Rand – better known as “the lightning” – was the fastest of all the pilots in the racing tests. Gifted with an unbelievable talent for sports, she always accepts challenges. From her modeling career to the world of sports, her mission is to “bring inclusivity and diversity to new and innovative industries.” 

On the other side, our Team principal Paolo Caprotti will prepare and guide them on the race track.We are at the beginning of this new sport and we are proud to write the first page,” he said.

Helbiz Racing vehicle

To be competitive in the first eSC Championship, we work side-by-side with the best engineers in the sports industry. Together, we brought to life a new “F1-style e-scooter,” capable of reaching up to 100 km/h of speed.
The new Helbiz S1-X is not only fast, but it’s also perfectly balanced and secure. As in any competition, the fundamental element is safety. For this reason, the vehicle on which our team competes is equipped with the most advanced technologies, in order to protect each rider, who will also be equipped with a uniform designed specifically for these types of races. 

We are proud to compete with the Helbiz S1-X in this important competition and we can’t wait to see our team whizzing around the circuits of all the cities where eSC will bring the first World Championship of electric scooters: an absolute novelty and undoubtedly adrenaline-filled”

emanuele liatti, chief product officer at helbiz

Where to see the eSkootr Championship?

The first race will be this Saturday – 14th of May – in the capital of the United Kingdom. Follow the London’s race – and all the other races – of this new exciting sport on the dedicated Helbiz Live channel!


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Helbiz Racing Team races at London’s eSkootr Championship

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