Like all the first-of-a-kind inventions of the industry, Helbiz S1-X required all the effort and knowledge of the best engineers in motorsports. Renowned tech company YCOM designed and built the first e-racing scooter from scratch. Electric system, design, aerodynamic asset, safety… everything was studied in detail. But let’s take a closer look at the protagonist of the new eSkootr Championship!

The power of Helbiz S-1x

Unlike most commuter e-scooters, the S1-X uses dual hub motors combined with a 1.33 KVA battery. While a retail or shared e-scooter has around 250W of power, the S1-X eclipses this with a combined 12.000W!

The S1-X uses a twist throttle like a motorcycle, rather than the conventional thumb lever. To enhance high-speed stability, grip, and acceleration, YCOM developed a unique control system that manages the torque delivery between the front and rear wheels. The control system also offers riders 5 different power modes for each wheel, including a 20% temporary power boost function.

Riders can activate the boost function by pushing and holding a button on the handlebar. The boost time is limited for each rider, who must choose how and when to use the additional power to overtake and improve their lap times.

What about the design?

When it comes to motorsports, weight is a central concern. The Helbiz S1-X uses a carbon fiber chassis to provide the required stiffness and a safe and crash-resistant location to house the lithium-ion battery. The result is a high-performance e-scooter that weighs just 33 kg for a total of 41kg with the battery installed. In addition, the steering column is also made of carbon fiber for immediate and direct steering feedback. The S1-X uses motorsport-grade rubber compounds to achieve maximum traction and high lean angles of more than 50˚.

Balanced for performance and for the environment

While most commuter e-scooters are little more than a platform with a handlebar, the racers in the eSC need bodywork that will protect them from the wind and help to minimize drag. Working alongside sustainable light-weighting company Bcomp, YCOM developed an aerodynamics package, made entirely from natural fiber composites, and flax. With 80% fewer cradle-to-gate emissions than carbon fiber, this solution reflects eSC’s vision of a more clean and sustainable sport.

Admire this new “F-1 style” vehicle in the next eSkooter Championship race on Helbiz Live‘s dedicated channel!


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