Being on a mission to provide smart and sustainable transportation solutions, we are happy to announce that Helbiz e-scooters will be integrated on Google Maps, the real-time navigation tool provided by Alphabet. Thanks to this integration, finding our scooters on the go will be even simpler.

This step is great news for our cities and communities, and it witnesses the rising importance of micro-mobility in the cities of today and tomorrow. Would you like to know what the integration of Helbiz’s e-scooters on Google Maps means for you, our users, and our company? 

A guy checking his phone after riding his Helbiz in Rome

The scooter option on Google Maps

Along with other factors, car-centric urban mobility is one of the main drivers of climate change. Since 2017, electric micro-mobility helped to reduce our global carbon footprint, allowing people to move seamlessly from one place to another of their city. In these years of expansion, cities and technologies are rapidly growing to support the needs of a growing and thriving community. Google rapidly understood the role of mircro-mobility in the future of urban communities, offering a new transit option: the scooter option in addition to the other already present on the app.

To envision a noise and pollution-free city will not only take smart policies, but a fundamental change in mobility habits: thanks to this Google Maps integration, we are making one more step to fit our electric fleet into a bigger, future-oriented design. 

A screen from an iphone that represents Helbiz's e-scooters on Google Maps

How can you find Helbiz e-scooters on Google Maps?

Finding Helbiz e-scooters on Google Maps will be easy. Here you can find all the steps you need to know to find the closest scooter:

  1. Insert the address on the map;
  2. Choose the transportation option;
  3. If you tap the vehicle, Google Maps will tell you all the information you need to know, including how long it takes to reach the closest Helbiz scooter, how long it will take to ride towards your destination and the battery status of the scooter;
  4. Then, you will have the option to open the Helbiz app to unlock your scooter and start your ride;
  5. Google Maps will also suggest a recommended route.

The scooter mode on Google Maps will guide you in your trip, proposing the best possible route to reach your destination. To unlock the scooter, you will be redirected to the Helbiz app, as well as for paying your ride. Our vehicles will be visible on Google Maps in all the Helbiz cities worldwide, both in Italy and the US. We aim to expand this feature in every new city as well.

A picture of a girl from Miami checking on her phone after riding with Helbiz

The growing importance of micro-mobility shared services

This technological integration with Google Maps testifies once again the importance micro-mobility has gained in recent times. People are worried about the future of our cities, and finding sustainable solutions to car-centric urban areas is essential. 

As this 2020 NABSA report shows, in the last years, the micro-mobility industry has never stopped growing, though the robust impact of the pandemic in 2020 and 2021. Urban communities have reacted with enthusiasm to the possibility of exploring greener ways to travel in their cities. In addition to that, we can say that micro-mobility is becoming an important addendum to public transportation, providing users with an intermodal alternative to private cars. 

The presence of Helbiz’s e-scooters on Google Maps fully matches our idea of the future. In our vision, in fact, a shared service can be seen not only as an alternative but as integration to public transportation, and that’s what intermodality means to us

Our synergies to create smart cities

This partnership with Google marks an important step for us, and we are happy to make our part in designing the cities of tomorrow. In our vision, the combination between technological developments and physical facilities will be the key to transforming our daily urban attitude. We have worked with other mobility providers, like Moovit, to promote the culture of sustainable micro-mobility. 

Open your Google Maps app, find the nearest vehicle, hop on your Helbiz and take a look at your city from a smarter perspective.


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