We are happy to offer our riders a new technological implementation: the helmet selfie! We will first roll out this new feature in Miami, to meet the city’s new safety regulations for its scooter program. However, we plan to implement it across our markets shortly, to promote a safer micro-mobility culture. In this article, you are going to know how it works and why it is so important for us, for you, and for our community.

A new feature for our riders’ safety

Safety has always been our top priority at Helbiz, and we’re always looking for ways to implement added safety measures without compromising the user experience. While other vendors have offered helmet selfies in the past, Helbiz will be the first company to use AI and actually enforce the use of helmets by requiring a helmet selfie to unlock the device. It’s one small step in expanding helmet adoption that can help to prevent unnecessary injuries.

Vivian Myrtetus, Head of Partnerships and Policy at helbiz

We continue to develop new AI systems that allow us to provide you and all our riders with the most technologically advanced safety features. As Vivian Myrtetus, our Head of Partnership and Policy, said, safety is our top priority, and we prove it every day by holding events that encourage a safer micro-mobility culture.

An image of a girl wearing an Helbiz helmet in Jacksonville

Promoting a safer mobility culture

To promote the use of helmets when riding our e-scooter, our tech team has worked to integrate into the Helbiz app a new facial recognition feature. This integration will require users to take a selfie of themselves wearing a helmet in order to unlock and ride an e-scooter. The feature will roll out in every Helbiz city, starting from Miami, where the new city regulations require the use of helmets to ride e-scooters.

In the cities where the use of helmets is not required, you will get a reward for making a choice that helps you and your community to ride towards a safer future.

How to unlock an Helbiz with the helmet selfie feature in Miami

In Miami, you must wear a helmet to ride a scooter. To unlock your Helbiz, you will be required to take a selfie with the provided helmet. Then, you will have to upload the image to your profile on the Helbiz app. In no more than five seconds, Helbiz’s artificial intelligence technology will then determine whether you are wearing a helmet. If so, the device will unlock.

An Helbiz user taking a helmet selfie on her Helbiz App in Miami

How to take your helmet selfie

The process is easy and simple, and unlocking a scooter will just take these five steps

  1. Open the Helbiz app and find a scooter
  2. Scan the scooter’s QR code
  3. Take a selfie wearing the helmet
  4. Upload the image to your profile
  5. Wait for our AI to make sure you are wearing a helmet

Then, simply hop on your scooter and have a safe ride. When you are done, always remember to return the helmet.

Last but not least: always remember to smile when you are wearing a helmet. You will look better in your helmet selfie.

Where will Helbiz helmets be?

Thanks to a disposable cap, Helbiz helmets will be attached to each scooter for added convenience and accessibility. However, if you like to have your own Helbiz helmet, you can order yours for free on the Safety section of our website. After announcing the new Helbiz One S model, this initiative is part of Helbiz’s larger mission of offering safe and equitable transportation solutions for all.


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