With nearly half a million rides since launching in 2021, it’s clear that Helbiz scooters are a favorite way for residents and visitors to safely get around the capital of the US. However, safe riding doesn’t end when the scooter stops. The last step is an important one and that is to properly park and lock scooters so they are clear for pedestrians to walk and safe for the next rider to use.

In Washington D.C. there is a lock-to requirement for shared devices. That means riders are required to use the attached cable lock on the scooters to fasten vehicles to approved infrastructure and take an end-of-ride photo. If the scooter is not parked and locked appropriately, you will be prompted to repark and/or relock your vehicle.

Park in 1,2,3

Our team has equipped every Helbiz scooter with the locking mechanism required to quickly end your ride. Here are some steps to easily lock your vehicle.

Step one: When parking, afford at least three feet of unobstructed pedestrian walkway while maintaining unimpeded access to driveways, handicap accessible ramps, entrances to private property, and parking spots.

Step two: Check that you are locking scooters to approved structures, such as: bike racks, signposts for parking or stop signs, or in-street bicycle and scooter corrals

Scooters should NOT be locked to:  

  • Parking meters (especially not Red Top Accessible Parking Meters) 
  • Bus zones 
  • Private fences 
  • Trees 
  • Capital Bikeshare docks 
  • Garbage cans 

Step three: Take a photo of your locked scooter. Make sure the photo you submit is clear and includes the whole scooter and a bit of the surrounding area. The app will confirm you’ve followed the requirements and approve or deny within seconds. Once approved, your ride will end.

If you have any questions or issues with parking, please contact our customer service representatives at (888) 974-9074 or by using the HELP button in our app.


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