Every day thousands of riders choose an e-bike for their commute to work, running an errand, or to simply sightsee a new city. Riding an e-bike can feel very familiar to those who grew up riding, but there are some differences worth noting to ensure the vehicle is being used properly. This month as part of The Safest Mile series, we’re sharing the best safety tips on how to ride our newest e-bike model.

Check your e-bike

Before you get on board, do a quick check of the e-bike, make sure everything is in good condition and working order (such as the condition of the tires, the seat, and the brakes). If you find an issue with the bike, Helbiz support is always there for you.

Step-by-step guide to riding an e-bike

  1. Adjust the seat so that it is at the same height as your hip. 
  2. Standing on the right side of the bike, grip both handlebars and lean the bike towards you.
  3. Then swing your left leg over the saddle and place your weight on the back of the saddle to center yourself.
  4. Set one pedal up by hooking your dominant foot under the pedal and bringing it up so it’s level with the center tube, while keeping your other foot on the ground to keep your balance.
  5. Release the brakes and push down on the pedal while looking straight ahead. 
  6. The electric motor will kick in after the pedal has made one complete cycle and you will feel a push.

After the push, keep pedaling to keep your balance. The throttle will continue to kick in, giving you the push you need to go up to 15 mph.

How to turn

It may take a few rides before you feel totally comfortable turning on your e-bike. It’s important to remember to:

  1. Pedal right before you start your turn to get the e-bike throttle to kick in.
  2. Lean into the turn and steer the wheel in the direction you want to go in. 
  3. Use the right intensity when turning the handlebars. Too slowly may block you from turning, too quickly may cause you to lose your balance.
  4. Find the correct posture so you remain at the center of the bike and keep your balance.

Be prepared

Here are some questions to ask yourself before you start your e-bike ride:

  • Am I wearing the right shoes? Your shoes should allow you to pedal properly, giving the grip and stability you need to continue pedaling. Avoid flip flops, high heels, or stiff cleated shoes.
  • Am I wearing the right clothing? Make sure you’re wearing clothes that allow your legs to pedal properly (Avoid tight skirts or dresses that don’t provide flexibility). If you are riding at night, make sure to wear bright clothing so that you are visible to other drivers.
  • Most importantly, do I have a helmet? No riding outfit is complete without a helmet to protect you on your journey. E-bikes can go up to 15 mph and therefore, we recommend every rider wear a helmet when riding any Helbiz vehicle.


Helbiz e-bikes are available in cities across the U.S. and Italy. Find an e-bike in your city and with each ride, you will get a feel for turning, pedaling, and braking all while keeping your balance.

Helbiz offers safety classes in the cities in which we operate. Check out our Instagram account to learn safety tips on a weekly basis.


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