Scooters are a safe, affordable, and fun way to get to your destination without having to worry about congested roads. Whether you’re riding to work, the nearest transit stop, or exploring a new city, it’s important to know how to properly ride an e-scooter. Ever tried before? Don’t worry, we’re to help.

This month, The Safest Mile series will detail our recommendations to make your next ride the most comfortable one yet!

Choose the right clothing

Before riding off on an e-scooter, you should consider your outfit. First of all, we strongly recommend every rider use a helmet when riding any Helbiz vehicle. In addition to a helmet, it’s important to wear the right shoes that will allow you to grip and balance on the scooter. If you are riding at night, make sure to wear bright clothing so that you are visible to other drivers. Don’t forget to add reflective detailing on your clothing to help boost visibility on the road. 

Check the condition of your e-scooter

Before you get on board, do a quick check of the e-scooter, make sure everything is in good condition and working order (such as the condition of the tires). If you find an issue with the scooter, Helbiz support is always there for you.

How to ride and find your balance

  1. Place one foot on the scooter in the center of the platform and firmly grasp the handlebars with both hands. 
  2. Use your foot on the ground to give a little push forward and press on the accelerator.
  3. After the push, hold your foot up for a few seconds. In case you get off balance, it will keep you balanced. 
  4. When you feel stable, bring the other foot onto the platform, behind the other.

Pro tip: Place the scooter on a paved road (avoiding cobblestones) to start your ride on a smooth riding surface.

Use the handlebars for a perfect turn

It may take a few rides before you feel totally comfortable turning on your e-scooter. It’s important to remember to:

  1. Slow down when turning
  2. Use the right intensity when turning the handlebars. Too slowly may block you from turning, too quickly may cause you to lose your balance.
  3. Find the correct posture so you don’t place too much pressure on the handlebars.

Drive the scooter at a constant speed

The most important step for a stable position is to keep a constant speed throughout the entire ride. 

If you need to increase your speed, place your weight on your back foot and use it to support your body while leaning forward. This step will avoid pulling the handlebars too much, which would cause you to lose your balance. 

When it’s time to slow down, gently press on your brakes so you don’t abruptly slow down and throw off your balance.

The best advice? Practice

The most important advice we will give you in this guide is also the easiest to follow. Practice a lot by riding e-scooters when available. With each ride, you will get a feel for turning, accelerating and braking all while keeping your balance.
Helbiz offers safety classes in the cities in which we operate. Check out our Instagram account to learn safety tips on a weekly basis.


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