There’s a lot of enthusiasm here at Helbiz, due to the recent welcoming of Wheels to our micro-mobility family. After the merging with Helbiz, Wheels’ one-of-a-kind sit-down scooters have joined our fleet and are bringing first-class technology, new cities, and new rental options to our worldwide service.

Wheels 2.0: a new and innovative vehicle

Wheels’ vehicle is a unique vehicle in the micro-mobility market. With its lower gravity center and its larger wheels, this sit-down scooter is very easy to ride, and allows for a  wider audience to partake in micro-mobility as a transportation option.
Numbers in this sense are really impressive. 
Over 50% of Wheels’ users are women and one-third are over 35, it’s easy to tell how these e-bikes represent a new solution for many people who were previously hesitant to micro-mobility. On top of that, since its launch in 2018, the service became the first choice for a lot of companies and citizens. College campuses, food delivery workers, and a lot of individuals are currently benefiting from the Long Term Rental subscription plan
Currently, Wheels is the exclusive micro-mobility vendor of E&I Cooperative Services and also official partner of Uber Eats, allowing all new drivers to easily secure their vehicle.

A deeper technology

Thanks to their 50% additional battery life from previous generations, these bikes can travel further between charges and reach a speed of 18mph

All of them are equipped with some of the most recent technological features, making them one of the most comfortable and provided sharing vehicles on the market. Smart lights automation, a front & rear dual disk braking system, integrated bluetooth speakers, and a self-diagnostic system are just a few of Wheels’ most useful functions. 
Although, of course, these pluses are nothing compared to the attention engineers put on riders’ safety.

Safety first

As we mentioned, with Wheels it’s easy to maintain balance thanks to the design of its seat. The low center of gravity allows riders to quickly put their feet down under any circumstances.  Also, to prevent sidewalk clutter, all e-bikes have an anti-tipping kickstand technology and a tip sensor alerts system for dispatch resolution.
But the biggest safety feature regards the protection of the people. That’s right, Wheels vehicles are the first e-bikes to have an actual helmet, integrated into each of them.

In conclusion, It’s with pride and excitement that we are ready to welcome all the 5 million Wheels users into the Helbiz ecosystem!


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