We constantly update our Helbiz App in order to improve the experience of our users, alongside their safety. With app release 3.3.5, we introduced two new features that will bring our micro-mobility service another step closer to our customers.

Introducing the new Helbiz Reaction Test

In order to promote a safe and responsible way of riding and discourage the use of e-scooters while under the influence of alcohol, we’ve introduced a reaction test in the Helbiz App. The new feature uses gamification to engage the user and to create a quick and user-friendly experience. It’s geofence based so it can be easily activated in any of our cities worldwide. The reaction test will pop up during the evening hours we set also according to cities’ requirements. 

The reaction test will quickly evaluate riders’ reflexes and response time while they complete a series of interactive exercises. 

The game measures the reaction period in milliseconds and, after collecting enough information, it’s able to tell if the person is capable of riding safely or not.

How does the Helbiz Reaction test work?

Before starting the ride, users will be prompted with an informative screen, containing the rules to take the test. As always, our product and design teams designed the test with the aim to provide a quick and user-friendly experience. 

An image of a helmet will appear on the screen; the user needs to tap on it whenever the color of the helmet changes. It will switch color multiple times, after a random amount of seconds between 2 and 5. After measuring the average reaction time, the test will end and present the user with a result, based on research on reaction time. When the user successfully passes the test, the person will be able to start riding. On the contrary, in the case he or she fails the test, Helbiz will recommend not to start the ride.

In fact, it will be the app itself to propose other transportation options, such as a taxi, according to each geofence.

Updating the App with new Helbiz Unlimited Features

After introducing new terms of HelbizUnlimited, we now updated the dedicated section in App too, to communicate its new functions to each of our customers. 

In fact, we added a limit of 100 thirty minutes free rides that users can take each month. 

From now on, next to the screen which shows the number of days left, we will add the amount of trips taken during the subscription period. In case one of our users will reach the limit of rides, a notification will promptly appear. This way they will always know about the state of their subscription.


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