The Serie BKT championship has begun and what better way to start it than with a new App Release. Right after the activation of our new channel on the Amazon Prime Video platform, here we come with another series of exciting updates regarding Helbiz Live’s App and its functionalities.

The Serie BKT has you have never seen it

With 20 clubs coming all from 20 different regions of Italy, the Serie BKT 2022/2023 has never hosted so many different soccer cultures. It will be a first of a kind season, where fans are going to follow their team across the entire country and see which one, in the end, will triumph above all.

New Updates and personaliSed features for fans

In order to make the Serie BKT experience unique for all our users, we introduces some features on our Helbiz Live App. First of all, users can now choose their favourite club, after they login. Thanks to that, they will be able to access a dedicated area, named “My Club”, where they can find everything concerning the club they support.

News, highlights & more!

In the “My Club” section, fans can check the calendar, the roster and all the stats involving their favorite team. They can also access the Blog Section where they are going to find all the main news and updates regarding the Serie BKT. On top of that, there will be included in the section, game after game, all the replicas and highlights of each match day, from now till the end of the season. This way, each supporter can access all the content regarding their club in real time, whenever they want and from all their devices.

Go and check out the features! All you need to do is update Helbiz Live’s App and make sure to not miss the next matches of Serie BKT!


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