As an innovative tech company, we constantly add new features and services to our Helbiz app. Our goal is to continue improving our users’ experience and use technology to solve and serve the needs of everyday life.

With app release 3.3.8, we included new features for both Mobility and Kitchen. 

Helbiz Kitchen’s dish tags and category shortcuts

For Helbiz Kitchen, our new update include the ability to add tags to dish pictures. Tags help the user easily identify a specific dish, promotion, etc. For example, when a new dish is added in-app it will be tagged as ‘NEW,’ catching the eye of our most loyal customers. Tag colors and titles are dynamic, so the team can quickly update and personalise them as needed.

The biggest update in the Helbiz Kitchen section is the new Kitchen Category Shortcuts, a horizontal slider, positioned between hero image and restaurant images. The improved UX is designed to be more intuitive and immediate. Especially for returning users, this new feature will improve the speed with which they reach their favorite dishes.

New updates for Helbiz Mobility: vehicles cards and zones alerts

In order to facilitate our riders finding the type of vehicle they are looking for, we’ve added a new feature to the Helbiz Mobility section. By introducing new types of hub cards Bike, Scooter, Moped or their combinations (scooters and mopeds, scooter and bikes, all three of them) – users can now filter by vehicle type, open the map and only see the pins, geofences and vehicles they desire. This feature was implemented in order to optimize time, especially for those users who prefer one vehicle over another. This feature will be active only in the cities where we have multiple types of vehicles.

App release 3.3.8 also delivers a better experience while riding. With the introduction of Zones Push Notifications, riders will be notified each time they enter and leave a Slow or No Riding Zone. These push notifications will ensure the rider is promptly informed of the vehicle’s behavior and why it’s slowing down, stopping or when they’re able to reach maximum speed again.

Safety is our priority not only on the streets but also when it comes to data and sensitive information. Our team has worked hard to strengthen the verification flow of IDs. This means we are now capable of recognizing users’ driving licenses in real-time!


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