To help reduce obstructive scooter parking in our served cities, Helbiz is launching a campaign to educate users our new Incentivized Parking Areas feature. The initiative kicked off last week in Rome and is already available in Milan, Washington, DC, and Miami, FL and will roll out to all soon. The in-app feature enables riders to benefit from a 20% discount on each ride when they park within a dedicated area in their city. Our goal? Help users to identify ideal parking spots in order to reduce clutter and enhance their riding habits.

A big step for micro-mobility

At Helbiz, we constantly promote safe riding in compliance with current city regulations, including best practices around parking. The Incentivized Parking feature is taking safety a step further.

In fact, by recommending what parking areas are best, we can prevent vehicles from distracting from the enjoyment of cities, blocking the flow of pedestrians and traffic, while improving the distribution of escooters in the city.

How does Incentivized parking work?

During an active ride, users can view these designated areas on the Helbiz map by looking for parking areas marked with a “%” symbol.

By tapping on one of them, the app will show the discount applied to the total amount of the ride, once the trip is ended. The rider can easily find the Incentivized Parking by following the directions on the Helbiz map.

The integrated GPS on the Helbiz e-scooters is capable of geolocating the vehicle. As soon as a rider decides to end their ride and park in the incentivized spots, the app is will apply the rental discount.

Safety never ends

We continue to collaborate with institutions and local governments to ensure that our service is increasingly safe and accessible. That’s why this initiative is only one of the many improvements that we plan to apply to our micro-mobility service.


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