At Helbiz, we are always improving our fleet and software to ensure we do all we can for the safety of our riders and their communities.

Our latest app update 3.4.0 informs users where they can safely ride Helbiz electric vehicles according to local regulations. First up is an in-app notification that pops up once a Helbiz vehicle slows down in sidewalk zones. Additionally, this latest update features a new map layout. This way, riders can easily identify the boundaries of the operating area and designated no-riding zones.

How does sidewalk detection work?

Helbiz’s sidewalk detection technology was first launched in May 2022 in Charlotte, North Carolina with our newest scooters that feature a fish-eye camera and an AI obstacle avoidance system. The scooters can recognize pedestrians, driveable areas, and road edges. The vehicle can slow down on sidewalks and provide audio alerts to riders informing them of local regulations.

With this latest update, when the scooter slows down in a specific zone, the app will alert riders via in-app messages so they understand that local regulations do not allow for them to ride on sidewalks. Once the scooter moves to a bike lane or road, users can resume their ride.

New map layout

Our new app update also features a new map layout that simplifies the way riders view the map. Using a thin green border and red polygons, riders are informed right at the start where the operating area ends and can easily identify the zones where sidewalk riding is prohibited.

The in-app push notifications will appear to users each time they enter a red polygon where sidewalk detection is on. This way they’ll always know why and when the throttle will not work.


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