At Helbiz, rider safety is our number one priority. We know that informed riders are safe riders. That’s why we’re launching our Rider Safety Quiz, part of our 3.3.7 update, to remind riders of our guidelines and local regulations before starting a ride.

New City, new Feature

The Rider Safety Quiz will launch in our newest market, Charlotte, NC, before being implemented nationwide. The quiz is about 7 questions and will take riders no longer than 2 minutes to complete. The user will be presented with multiple choice questions, testing their knowledge on best riding practices. 

We will work with each of our partner cities to determine whether the Rider Safety Quiz is incentive-based or mandatory. The incentive-based form of the quiz will provide promo codes to users who successfully complete the test.

Going The Extra Mile

Our commitment to safety begins with the Helbiz app. From there, our city teams offer in-person training sessions to help riders feel comfortable on our electric vehicles. After completing the Rider Safety Quiz, users will be given the option to book the next available session in their city. 

Whether it’s hosting safety demonstrations, providing free helmet giveaways, or making safety-focused updates to our app, Helbiz works to ensure we provide the Safest Mile to get where riders need to go.


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